Month: April 2016

The Retro Hour Podcast – Episode 17 (C64 Music With Ben Daglish)

We’re joined by legendary C64 musician Ben Daglish, of Last Ninja fame! Plus this week’s big retro stories….

Number 5 in iTunes Podcast Chart!

This weeks episode peaked at number 5 in the iTunes Tech podcast section. Thanks so much for your listening, liking and sharing we even beat that bloke from mythbusters!  

The Retro Hour Podcast – Episode 16 (Viva Amiga!)

We get the low down on the new full length movie about the Amiga, ‘Viva Amiga’ from its creator Zach Weddington. Plus, the top 5 tips for keeping your old systems running well, and this week’s retro stories….

The Retro Hour – Episode 15 (Leisure Suit Larry with Al Lowe)

We catch up with legendary Al Lowe to get the inside story on Leisure Suit Larry, those age verification questions and how Police Quest was inspired by a real life police shooting….

The Retro Hour – Episode 14 (Jim Bagley – Legendary Games Coder)

We talk to legendary games coder Jim Bagley about porting Dragon’s Lair to the Sinclair ZX81 (and winning a world record for it) and why the Sega Saturn port of Doom was intentionally crippled….

The Retro Hour – Episode 13 (Commodore 8-Bit Days with Bil Herd)

We talk vintage Commodore with the designer of the C128 and Plus/4, Bil Herd! What was it like working under Jack Tramiel and how did he destroy a $40,000 prototype on purpose?…