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Dan Wood B.A (Hons)

has worked in broadcasting and online media for many years. He has a huge passion for classic computers, especially anything with a Commodore or Sega logo on it.

He has an impressive collection of vintage hardware (with over 60 computers and consoles) and has made videos about them on Youtube for almost a decade now

He has a big following online and has helped bring the world of vintage and left-field technology and gaming to new or old fans via the internet.


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UntdfsdfitledRavi Abbott B.A (Hons)

works as a sound engineer and visual arts technician.He’s worked with contemporary art and technology for Arts Council England Projects such as The Culture Cloud and The Prediction Machine.

For years Ravi has been putting videos online of Amiga Shows and technology. He loves to DJ with Amiga’s and specialises in chip music.

He Loves events and meeting industry people and getting guests for the podcast.


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Joe Fox

spent lots of time hanging around arcades when he was younger, as he has family in the illuminated streets of Blackpool. He grew up in the Nintendo and Sega period of gaming, and started his gaming days on a Mega Drive before falling in love with the N64 and Dreamcast. He’s a regular at retro shows in the UK regularly joins us as a guest host on the podcast.



11218465_10155924200665173_6873142730121290384_nPaul Kitching (Graphics) 

An amazing 3D artist providing logos and graphics across the Retro World Paul has a great talent. He is an essential part of the team providing us with Banners, Business Card designs and logos for all our podcast distribution.