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David Pleasance Commodore memories at the Retro Computer Museum, Leicester – November 25th 2017

Saturday November 25th 2017…

Donate with Bitcoin

Due to demand from some listeners you can now donate to The Retro Hour Podcast anonymously using Bitcoin. Wallet address: 1K8LEXenDoRcFBW6bNmukXBW4rSMV8kFvQ If there is interest in donating in any other form of crytrocurrency please let us know

Ravi’s Boxing Day Bangers Mix [Download or steam]

We could not leave you over the holiday season without something to party to! if you want to Download the MP3 go to the soundcloud page and click download  Here is a mix I did live on facebook during boxing day.  Using just Amiga’s and a mixer!

WORLD’S BEST PODCAST OF 2016 – nominations

Listeners! We need your vote! We have entered the nominations for World Best Podcast of 2016 hosted by New Media Europe….

Console Wars Info!

The Retro Hour Podcast bringing you info on the new documentary and feature film with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. Straight from the former CEO of Sega Tom Kalinske. All in this weeks episode!…

RSS Feed Problems

We would like to apologize to our amazing listeners. Some of you have not been able to receive this weeks episode on your devices or iTunes. This is due to our paid host SoundCloud breaking all their RRS feeds for 2 days now! It seems all podcasts are down check Tom Merritt’s Status We hope they can…

Number 5 in iTunes Podcast Chart!

This weeks episode peaked at number 5 in the iTunes Tech podcast section. Thanks so much for your listening, liking and sharing we even beat that bloke from mythbusters!  

Retro World! We have listeners from around the globe

We have been blown away by the response to the latest episode (ep11). I was checking stats and we seem to have a truly global audience. Our podcast seems to be very strong in Europe and America but we now have a following in Japan, Korea and of course New Zealand and Australia! So if you…

The Retro Mart! We get our first magazine coverage!

I was just taking a look at my favorite tech mag Mirco Mart on my lunch break. Every two weeks they have a Amiga Section called ‘Amiga Mart’ so if I spot it I usually have a little peek. To my surprise this weeks issue had a full page with profiles on Amiga Youtubers! A section…

The Retro Hour is Charting High!

Thanks to all our great listeners we hit number 17 in the UK technology charts beating such established podcasts as This Week In Tech and BBC World Service: The Science Hour