A full on Sega celebration with Adam Koralik, the Dreamcast scene in 2016, his love for rare and obscure consoles and retro collecting around the world.

Adam’s Youtube channel: www.youtube.com/user/AdamKoralik

Thanks to our amazing donators: Lasse Henriksen, Matthew Hudson

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Show notes:

Two new Mega Drive games: bit.ly/2hfaXMj
Pokemon TCG Telnet server:
Retro Winter Games for iPhone: bit.ly/2hbUUi1
The GameEye unreleased camera add-on: youtu.be/rGnzVcqF1yA
Disney making laserdisc size cases: amzn.to/2gCCdnA
NEO Geo games for PC: bit.ly/2eWF4Gs