Guest List


Minh ‘Gooseman’ Le

Creator of the original Counter Strike. One of the worlds most popular FPS, he tells us the story of how a mod can become a full title

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Robyn Miller

One of the brothers behind the ground breaking title Myst, one of the biggest selling games in History. Helped establish the CD-Rom platform.

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Scott Adams

The farther of Adventure games, tells us how he founded the first computer games company in the world and invented games packaging!

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Nick Bruty

Artist  from the days of Amstrad and Sinclair, all the way up to the fantastic 16-bit animation titles like Alladin and Earthworm Jim.




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Aleks Krotoski    

Presenter of cutting edge 90’s gamer show Bits. Writer for The Guardian, presenter of Radio 4’s Digital Human.



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Nostalgia Nerd


Rising star in YouTube with a fascination with older more usual systems like Dragon 32.



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John Romero

Designer of Wolfenstien 3D, Doom and Quake. We travel to Ireland to visit him in his secret lair.



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Julain Gollop

Creator of the fantastic x-com, talks about all version of this ground breaking game and his opinion on the new version!




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Fergus Mcneill

Video games maker turn Author who worked on games such as Carmageddon, Lawn Mower Man. He also worked with Terry Pratchett on the first discworld games.



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Martyn Brown

Team 17 founder, bringing great titles to the Amiga such as Alien Breed and Superfrog. He also helped bring the massively successful ‘Worms’ franchise to life.



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Mel Croucher

Father of the British games industry, Mel created the first British games company and massive groundbreaking game, Deus Ex Machina.


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Adam Koralik


Adam is a big console hardware fan and youtube reviewer. He covers in details history and generations of consoles, mainly from an American perspective.

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Simon Phipps

Core’s main man and Derby Retro Scene master. Innovative platformers galore such as Rick Dangerous!



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Steve Turner

Accurate arcade conversion master for famous CraftGold, helping craft games like Rainbow Island and Fire and Ice



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Stuart Cheifet

An America broadcasting powerhouse responsible for ‘The Computer Chronicles’ and ‘Net Cafe’. And making Steve jobs do that advert!


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Paul Hollywood

The man behind military spec flight simulators and the new VR social media app V-Time



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Kim Justice

Best games documentary creator on youtube.



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Raffaele Cecco

First samuri programmer and 8-bit superstar


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Rob Hewson

The Son of great Hewson Consultants who is bringing the company back!



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Anthony and Nicola Caulfield

They are back! To talk about the up and coming film ‘From Bedrooms to Billions’ the Playstation years


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Trevor Dickinson

Current man who is pushing the Amiga into the future by creating new hardware, computer journalism and a little cheeky deal with Apple Computers

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Lord British (Richard Garriott)

Creator of the first MMORPG Ultima Online, in which his character got assassinated in one of the biggest tales in video game history


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Mev Dinc

From the Turkish gaming scene Mev came to the Uk and dominated working of titles such as Last Ninja, Street Racer and worked on ‘Europes Console’ the Konix Multisystem


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ORG XMIT: S0343997800_STAFF Scott Miller is the founder and vice president of 3D Realms, an action entertainment software company based in Garland. Behind him is Duke Nukem, his company's most popular action hero in the video games.

Scott Miller

King of the FPS this guy worked with ID to bring us the first FPS Wolfenstien 3D. He founded Apogee and 3D Realms bringing us such amazing characters as Duke Nukem


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Ben Vost

Former editor of the biggest Amiga magazine, Amiga Format. At one point the biggest selling consumer magazine in the UK



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Steve Ince 

Revolution Software’s adventure game master, working on Beneath A Steel Sky and the groundbreaking Broken Sword series


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CKxMxi9WUAAsmd7Jonathan Cauldwell 

Made more games on the Spectrum then anybody in the world!


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basinger-clint-lgr1-ps LGR (Lazy Game Reviews)

Youtube reviewer and odd hardware enthusiast


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David-Fox David Fox

Founder of LucasArts Games



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sachs Jim Sachs

Lead Artist Cinemaware




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George ‘Fatman’ Sanger

The inventor of PC game audio





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9dpjSmah Jennell Jaquays

Head Designer Celeco, Quake designer, Dungeons on Dragons




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John Kershaw

2D, 3D and FMV artist for Bullfrog, Bitmap Brothers




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 Chris Huelsbeck

Europe’s best known C64 composer




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995731_10151590960722637_1987494017_nRebecca Heineman

Coder for Interplay, Ubisoft and Microsoft





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ecsmay88Prof Richard A.Bartle

Inventor of the Multi User Dungeon (M.U.D)



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10461972_1482336318715526_4399767268589269707_nSam Dyer

Gaming book publisher



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UntitledBarry Leitch

Videogame composer famous for ‘TopGear’



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KCiqMSU2 The Oliver Twins

The brothers behind the British gaming icon Dizzy!




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avatars-000175548038-xs03lh-t500x500 Hoffman (Ian Ford)

Modern Chip Musician and Software Developer




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davidpleasance_chrisevans David Pleasance

Former CEO of Commodore UK





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11064-Dave_Doak_HAZE_FRDDavid Doak

The man behind Goldern Eye 64 and TimeSplitters







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jpbook2-master315 Tom Kalinske

Former CEO of Sega (1990 – 1996)





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Untitled Ben Daglish

Videogame composer famous for ‘The Last Ninja’





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Untitled  zach weddington

Film maker, talking about his new documentry ‘Viva Amiga’




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download Al Lowe

Comical creator of Leisure Suit Larry







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CjjSjK4WkAA58PzJim Bagley

The man who brought you ‘Dragon’s Lair’ for the ZX Spectrum!






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bill Bil Herd

Head engineer at Commodore Business Machines




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WotR73TTDavePerry002  Dave Perry

TV host and games mag editor for GamesMaster and GamesWorld








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hqdefaultGalahad FLT/Fairlight

Cracker from a worldwide piracy group tells us his secrets!




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Untitled Andrew Barnabas

Videogame composer famous for ‘S.W.I.V’




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11143137_10152934903776931_5055611947173201473_nMike Clarke

Game musician for Psygnosis





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p02d46znAnthony and Nicola Caulfield

Creators of the ‘Bedrooms to Billions’ documentry talk Amiga years



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bitmap-brothers-rober-maxwell Mike Montgomery

Head of Bitmap Brothers



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MikesRoom_WithSteveMike Dailly

Lemmings and GTA coder for DMA Designs



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download (1)Tim Wright

Psygnosis Musician behind the ‘Wipeout’ Soundtrack!




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Biffo-int1Mr Biffo

Cheeky Teletext based ‘Digitzer’ Magazine Editor



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pipeline Paul Drury

Gaming journalist for Retro Gamer magazine





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IMG_83111-300x200  Jon Hare

Head of Sensible Software



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allister-brimble-1 Allister Brimble

Composer for Team 17




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