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The Retro Hour Podcast is a weekly retro gaming and technology podcast from the UK.

As well as keeping you up-to-date with the latest happenings in the world of ‘retro’, we also speak to an industry veteran from the video games and computer industry each week.

In our first year we’ve already spoken to the former CEO of Sega, Tom Kalinske, astronaut and the creator of MMORPG genre Lord British, The Oliver Twins who were one of the founders of the British gaming revolution with titles such as Dizzy on the Sinclair Spectrum. See our full guest list here.

We’re both life-long fans of games and technology, so having the chance to chat to our childhood heroes is something we’re extremely passionate about, and this resonates with our loyal monthly audience of over 20,000 hardcore gaming and tech enthusiasts.


With a very strong following we often make the Top 10 of the iTunes podcast chart and meet fans from around the world at retro events we attend.

The success of The Retro Hour has lead to articles being published in culture magazine and television appearances promoting the show.

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