Raffaele Cecco chats to us about writing for CRASH magazine, his classic games like Cybernoid, Exolon and Stormlord, and upcoming HD remakes of some of his old favourites!

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Show notes:

Nintendo Switch reveal: bit.ly/2fo1fJD
Add HDMI to Spectrum via RPI: bit.ly/2dPqunE
Retro Freak , take games anywhere: bit.ly/2eBN7LQ
Super Stardust ported to the C64: bit.ly/2e5o8j1
MicroBit to go worldwide: bit.ly/2e1vCCX
Game charging people to try VR: bit.ly/2e5mPR6
Hidden games in Google: bit.ly/2feZAqg
Woz limited edition Apple IIc: bit.ly/2ejuF7z