We talk terrible old games, classic consoles and retro snacks with the wonderful Stuart Ashen this week!

Ashens on Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/ashens

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Show notes:

GCC Greenford Computer Club – computerclub@hotmail.co.uk
cTrix hacks Vectrex to make music: youtu.be/V0YNUE3_t8s
cTrix Amiga video: youtu.be/1IKTNSux0Rc
Obsolete Technology: 40 Big Losers www.pcworld.com/article/169863/obsolete_tech.html
Div MCC future: www.thefuturewas8bit.com/index.php/divmmcfuture
7th Guest making of video: youtu.be/zPAZDWxpJHA