We speak to gaming pioneer Richard Bartle who co-invtended the first M.U.D game in the 70s, which lead to the rise of MMOs! How did it all start, and why would he close down World of Warcraft?

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Show notes:

Smartboy: bit.ly/28TXHgp
Polite googling: bit.ly/1rre6fa
Eagle box: bit.ly/28W2y0k
New Amiga case look: bit.ly/1Sby7fA
NERG 2016: bit.ly/28QudMo
Sonic dominos: bit.ly/28W91GE
Football Fever compliation for Amiga CD32: bit.ly/28W91GE
Pietro brothers Spectrum Mario clone demo: bit.ly/292azxY
NAS had a Rob the Robot: bit.ly/28RDWjn