This week we get the inside story on the original Grand Theft Auto on the PS1, and how it was inspired by Clockwork Knight on the Sega Saturn. Plus, why Lemmings 2 is not as good as the first one! Mike Dailly from DMA Design/Psygnosis chats to us.

Show Notes:

Hewson are back:
Sega responds to Dreamcast 2:
Every 3D realms game for £5:
Doncaster’s new retro games market:
NES USB loader:
Team 17 takes on 16 year old pupil:
Commodore 64 MMO game, ‘Habitat’:
Doom Remake special edition:
Old people playing games to stop them falling over:
Iran’s 140m gaming industry:
XCom 2 rated as perfect:
Commodore UK’s David Pleasance & Colin Proudfood are working together again:
WinAPE 2.0 beta 2 – Amstrad emulator for windows gets an update:
Karateka ported from ST to Amiga:
New Sega Megadrive shmup: