We get the low down on the new full length movie about the Amiga, ‘Viva Amiga’ from its creator Zach Weddington. Plus, the top 5 tips for keeping your old systems running well, and this week’s retro stories.

Viva Amiga website: www.amigafilm.com/

Show notes:

C64 handheld and new machine: bit.ly/1qG9pOz
New Amiga case, again: bit.ly/1VptnKJ
Using a 5 year old computer sad? Apple thinks so: bit.ly/1MHKc0m
How long do Apple devices last?: bit.ly/1MHKc0m
Britian’s first mass produced machine at Bletchley Park: yhoo.it/1XMjGDL
Jozsef’s recapping service: bit.ly/1U8qQTL
Ravi’s retrobrite video: youtu.be/c-F5eQ1XMAA
N64 anthology book Kickstarter: kck.st/1ML1yty
Pranksters go dumpster diving and sell games back to Gamestop: bit.ly/22T1rOi