We’re joined by legendary C64 musician Ben Daglish, of Last Ninja fame! Plus this week’s big retro stories.

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Show notes:

Sega finally support modded games engt.co/1NDIJmR
Man builds his own amiga 2000 graphics card bit.ly/1UmleFI
Microsoft ends Xbox 360 production after a decade bit.ly/1UmlhkL
Very rare Mega Drive cart found bit.ly/1XYzljz
Sony drops BIG Crash Bandicoot PS4 clue bit.ly/1TASlmY
amazon making games ‘members only’ bit.ly/26C11kc
Atari Try to sue over ‘haunted house’ bit.ly/1TazQma
Pirate radio comes back after 30 years bit.ly/26C13Z8
raspberry pi 8megapixel camera! engt.co/1SZoqSm
NES HDMI kit bit.ly/1Nj9ICT