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This week Dan, Ravi and Joe chat about this week’s big retro gaming/technology stories. Then we reminisce about the arcade days, 8-bit era and more with Paul Drury from Retro Gamer Magazine!

Show Notes:

I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream – Released on iOS and Android: on.fb.me/20jbpcv
Why is it called “Retro Gaming”?: bit.ly/1PsLY00
Loading Screen Patent Expires: bit.ly/1PsLY00
Robot Wars Returns To BBC with Raspberry Pi Powered Robots: bit.ly/1RZ7roc
De-Make of Mortal Kombat on Atari 2600: bit.ly/1K1fTAp
John Romero Releases First Doom Level: bit.ly/1QjkDke
Doomed: The Embers of Amiga FPS: youtu.be/Tv6aJRGpz_A
1980s Internal Atari Emails Available For Download: bit.ly/1QjkEoh
New NES Game For Charity: bit.ly/1ZHdDQO
eBay Price Insanity: bit.ly/1ZHdDQO
New Coloured Commodore 64 Key Caps: bit.ly/1KcIcYf