Episode number two of The Retro Hour is here! This week we catch up with Jon Hare from Sensible Software about Sensible Soccer, Cannon Fodder, game design and his latest project. Plus, all this week’s big retro gaming/tech stories.

Show notes:

Retro Pi CD-ROM: bit.ly/1SmHBKo
New ZX Spectrum Sells 1 every 5 minutes: bit.ly/1SmHCy7
Amiga OS 3.1 Source Code Leak: bit.ly/1SmHIpq
3D0 Doom FMV Intro: bit.ly/1Rqp7Zq
ID Software’s Mario PC Version: bit.ly/1NbLp9D
New Amiga Game Tanks Furry: youtu.be/GIMKJ3fxJ8w
EverDrive coming to GBA: bit.ly/1nofbTz
RARE Release Scrapped Banjo and Conkers Game: bit.ly/1JOYk6s
Collecting or Hoarding? : bit.ly/1RqpjrH
Cassiopei C64 Interface: youtu.be/IFQiHtmJSEY