We catch up with legendary Al Lowe to get the inside story on Leisure Suit Larry, those age verification questions and how Police Quest was inspired by a real life police shooting.

Al Lowe’s website: www.allowe.com/

Show notes:

Acorn Brand confusion: i.imgur.com/xdZH5g7.jpg
Last PS2 online servers closed down: bit.ly/1V6JX1K
Sony releasing a PS4K?: bit.ly/1V6JX1K
Man has same phone for 10 years: bit.ly/22zFnrO
Pacman suit: cnet.co/1SbHIo1
Nottingham board game cafe: bit.ly/1SbHKfH
Chrome Cast on CRT TV: bit.ly/1V6K5ON
Coleco Chameleon Boss speaks out: bit.ly/1SjNTfg