We get the inside story on GoldenEye 64, Timesplitters and more with David Doak, formerly of Free Radical and Rare!

Show Notes:

Shadow of the Beast PS4 to include Amiga original: bit.ly/23qbWce
Unfinished Mega Drive Akira game footage: bit.ly/1TbrHih
Walkmans selling for hundreds: bit.ly/1rKvDQr
A level editor for Turrican II: bit.ly/1TCj2oK
All devices that can run Doom: bit.ly/1YqtR1g
Man finds ultra rare Nintendo game for $2: bit.ly/1skMYQD
Real life version of GoldenEye 64: bit.ly/26QQf9E
More info on HD-VHS: bit.ly/1ZNWuWm
SILVER5 core released for Amiga Vampire 2: bit.ly/1TaXoO0