We get the inside story on Sega’s glory days, and their downfall from former CEO Tom Kalinske! Plus, we talk about Console Wars, the new Seth Rogan movie about Sega VS Nintendo.

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Show notes:

Retro arcade VR: bit.ly/1UFm1lp
Sega 3D Classics released: bit.ly/1UFm1lp
Rare VHS-HD tape is found: dailym.ai/270EOfF
Noland Bushnall back in the games industry: on.mash.to/270EQo0
Shinobi movie is coming: bit.ly/24yoGTX
Xbox 360 RROD cost Microsoft $1bn: til.ink/24fFTl5
Someone stole Jeri Elsworth’s C64 guitar: bit.ly/1TsBkbA
Another Spectrum clone: bit.ly/1O3EjeB
Guy runs Windows 95 on an Apple Watch: bit.ly/1T52GLb